Julia came to us because she didn’t like the look of her crowded teeth. We put her on a 6-month adult orthodontics plan and used cosmetic bonding, which gave her a brand-new, beautiful smile!


Bert didn’t like the look of his front teeth that had been worn down over time. We used composite bonding techniques to give him teeth with a great shape.


Sandra didn’t like the look of her crowded teeth, which over time gave her crooked teeth. We used orthodontics which helped her achieve straight teeth in only 6 months!


When Tom first visited us, he had teeth that were crowding together and had been worn down over the years. We used orthodontics and cosmetic bonding to help him achieve a brand-new smile. The results are truly amazing!


Michele first visited us when she felt like her bite was less natural than it had been before, and also because her teeth were showing signs of wear. She didn’t want an invasive treatment, so we offered a cosmetic bonding treatment that restored her bite and improved the look of her teeth.