Give your smile a makeover.

Cosmetic bonding is a quick, comfortable, and affordable way to give your smile a makeover. Perfect for people who have minor chips, gaps, discoloration, or old fillings that they want replaced with more natural looking ones, this procedure uses a dental composite that blends perfectly with your teeth. After it is applied, it is sculpted into shape and hardened with a high-intensity curing light, creating a strong bond without removing any enamel from the tooth. The whole procedure typically takes only half an hour to an hour per tooth, and requires no special follow-up care.

Procedure Overview

Composite Addition Dentistry

In this video, Dr. Mills explains the entire cosmetic bonding process and performs the procedure on a real patient. You’ll learn about how the teeth are prepped, how the bonding material is applied and shaped, and what a patient can expect in terms of procedure length and what to do afterwards.

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Patient Success Stories

Cosmetic Bonding: 

Bert Before & After

Cosmetic Bonding for Worn Teeth: 

Michele Before & After