Restore Damaged Teeth In As Little As An Hour!

Often used in combination with each other, crowns, bridges, and implants give people with damaged or missing teeth the smile they deserve. Crowns are used to restore the appearance and function of a tooth that is damaged, fitting right onto the tooth itself. They are available in your choice of materials including porcelain, popular for its natural-looking appearance. Bridges are a simple way to fill the gap left by a missing tooth and prevent any shifting. They work by cementing a new replacement tooth to neighboring teeth and therefore don’t require any surgery. Implants are another option when it comes to missing teeth and a permanent alternative to dentures. The procedure requires anesthesia and the insertion of an artificial titanium tooth root into your jawbone that will later be affixed with a crown. The benefits of implants are great as they prevent bone loss in your jaw that can lead to a sunken, aged appearance in your face.

Crowns Made On Site

CEREC One-Visit Crowns

We do our crowns in-house, so there is no need for a temporary crown, fewer appointments, and a shorter period of time to restore your teeth and mouth to its previous condition.